Organifi Review

The body needs different types of nutrients to grow and function optimally. If any one of the essential nutrients is missing in a person’s body, there’s bound to be health problems – maybe not immediately, but soon. To get these nutrients, you have to include a wide range of fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is important to note that simply eating one or two types of fruits and vegetables everyday may not be enough.

You have to combine several fruit and vegetable portions and take them whole or in form of a juice blend. The latter is usually the best option. After all, you do not want to fill your stomach up with too much food and still not get enough nutrients. Using a juicer or blender is a better option since you can get most of the nutrients you need from a glass of the juice blend. An easier option, however, would be to buy Organifi green juice and take it on a daily basis.

The Cons of Making a Juice Blend

To make a juice blend which has all the essential nutrients your body needs, you would have to buy many types of fruits, vegetables and herbs among other types of raw materials and put them in a juicer or blender to make a nutritious juice blend. Unfortunately, this will take you time and cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, some fruits and vegetables may actually not be in season. Lastly, the juicer may not be able to properly extract all the nutrients from the raw materials you have. That’s where the Organifi green juice comes in.

Organifi Green Juice Review

person holding bottle The product comes in form of a powder. It comes in a container with about 9.5 ounces of the powder which translates to around 30 servings. This means that the 9.5 oz package can be used for at least 30 days, providing you with one serving of green juice per day. The juice is made by mixing one serving of the powder with about 10 oz of water in a glass then stirred. The resulting juice has no texture and tastes great with a hint of mint. The beauty of the product is that it has no unpleasant textures associated with traditional juice blends, so it’s pleasant and enjoyable to drink.

Benefits of Drinking Organifi Green Juice

The main benefit of drinking any juice is to improve your overall health and that’s exactly what this nutrient-rich mix does. If you read any Organifi green juice review, you will realize that the product has many other benefits. For instance, the product is known to boost mental clarity with regular use. It also helps to boost the body’s natural defenses against diseases and infections. The juice is great for detoxifying the body, so if you decide to embark on a detox, this is a great juice to use. When you drink the juice, you can expect your stress levels to reduce and your skin to be rejuvenated. Most importantly however, the juice is safe and refreshing to drink.


product bottleThe effectiveness and safety of any food or drug lies in the types of ingredients used to make the product. In that regard, Organifi green juice is made from a mixture of gently-dried superfoods. There is no gluten, soy or GMO ingredients in the mix. In fact, all the ingredients in the mix are claimed to be USDA vegan-friendly and organic. These ingredients include; spirulina, beets, moringa, wheatgrass, mint, turmeric, mocha green tea, chlorella, coconut water, lemon and ashwaghanda. Other ingredients include; luo han guo, organic natural flavors, soluble organic rice bran and organic lemon powder.

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